Dear owners!

Our website and kennel are under construction, we do not plan to have new kittens until summer 2020, thanks for your patience and understanding.



08.05.2020 born Fleur and Lina babys.

Photos soon…


16.03.2020 born Fleur and Hanga babys.


13.03.2020. born Sky and Abrosio kittens


12.-13. 10. 2019 we are will be there in MMME cat show in Lurdy Ház Budapest with Fleur and Orkhan.

07.09.2019 born Tusara and Lina babys.


17.Apryl 2019 born Tusara and Sky kittens.


February 2019 in Macskamánia arranged by the exhibition can you meet with us and with our cats. Come!

We have soon a litter from this parents to Apryl around:

Yago Tusara Angel -Silver snow lynx
SolRoyal Powdery Cider Sky- Silver snow mink charcoal

29. October 2018 born Sheikh and Pandora kittens.

19.October 2018 born Berry and Zhenia kittens.

1 brown boy, 1 silver boy and 1 snow mink girl.

6.-7. October 2018

We are over a very succesful exhibition last weekend in Budapest by Macskamánia association. Our two beauty boys still available for sale, Yago Osiris as pet and Yagobengals Lemon to breeding.
We are so proud to Lemon because his both parents has born in our cattery: Yagobengals Tusara Angel and Yago Pandora the One.

1. day:
Yago Osiris Best of Breed, Nominert, Best in Show, CAPIB
Yagobengals Lemon Nominert, Best in Show, CACJ

2. day:
Yago Osiris Nominert, CAPIB
Yagobengals Lemon Nominert, Best in Show, CACJ


23. August 2018 born Tusara and Hanga kittens.

1 brown girl, 1 brown boy and 1 silver boy.

21. July 2018 born Berry and Te Fiti kittens.

1 melanistic boy and 1 silver girl.




14. July 2018 born Berry and Sky kittens.

1 silver boy and 1 brown girl.

14. Apryl 2018 born Tusara and Pandora kittens.

1 brown girls, 4 silver boys


13. Apryl 2018 born Berry and Khalifa son.


Im proud to present new prince of our cattery, BengalTwins Welcome Midnight ‘Sharm el Sheik’.


10.-11.February 2018 we went to Catshow in Budapest Lurdy Ház.

Yago Tusara Angel 2*CAC

04.January 2018 born Berry and Zhenia kittens.

1 brown rosetted girl, 1 snow mink boy and 1 silver charcoal girl.

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05.December 2017 born Berry and Sky babys.

1 smoke girl and 1 snow  girl.

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02.December 2017 born Czar and Hanga babys.

2 brown rosetted girls, 2 brown rosetted boys


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16.October 2017 born stingray babys


29.June 2017 born Czar and Pandora babys, 3 brown rosettes boys.


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01.June 2017 stringrays babys born.

22.-23. April 2017 Hungary Mogyorod PMCE (WCF) Catshow

Czar CAGCIB CAGCIB, adult ring 7/18, Best of Variety, Nom Bis


Akasa CACIB, Best of CACIB

Our cattery newest stars, Yago Tusara Angel and Yago Khalifa


10. of April 2017. born Czar and Zhenia kittens

4 brown rosetted boys and 2 mink girls

09. of April. 2017. born Berry and Hanga kittens

2 silver girls

18.-19. March 2017 Budapest Hungary MMME Cat Show (TICA)

Czar: Tica 8th all breed, 8th all breed, 7th male

saturday CACIB, sunday CAGCI


Berry saturday CACIB, sunday CAGCI


1. of March born Czar and Samantha kittens



29.January 2017. born Berry and Sky kittens


26.-27.11.2016. Budapest Hungary PMCE Cat Show (WCF)

Berry adult ring 10/27, male ring 6/19, CACIB, (NOM) adult ring 9/29, CACIB, (NOM)

Akasa CAC


19.-20.11.2016. Lurdy Budapest Hungary Cat Show MMME (TICA)

Czar CACIB, Best of Breed, ring 5th. CACIB

Berry CAC, ring 7th., (NOM) CACIB, Best of Breed, (NOM)


22.-23. 10. 2016. Balmazújváros PMCE Cat Show (WCF)

Czar 1. day  CAC, CACIB, adult ring 4/15

Berry CAC, CAC, adult ring 8/15


08.-09. 10. 2016. Budapest Hungary Lurdy Ház MMME  Cat Show (WCF)

Berry 2*CACJ

Akasa 2*CAC, Best of Breed (NOM BIS)




17.-18. 09. 2016 Kecskemét Hungary Hungarocat (WCF)

Czar 2* CAC, adult ring 4/35

Berry 2*CACJ, Junior ring 7/27, 7/25

Sky 2* Best opp. Sex