12. August 2019 born Sheikh and Khalifa deughter.


Brown rosetted girl (Available)

31. July 2019 born Peni and Fleur babys.


Brown rosetted boy (Available)


Brown rosetted girl 1 (Available)




Brown rosetted girl 2 (Available)


Brown marbled girl (Keeper)



24. Apryl 2019 born Tusara and Sky son.

Silver snow mink boy (Available)



Yago Unicorn Ruby Snowflake (Reserved)


17.Apryl 2019 born Sheikh and Te Fiti son.


Melanistic boy (Available)


03. Apryl 2019 born Fleur and Hanga kittens.


Yago Simsar 


Yago Stew


Yago Summer Tigerlily (Reserved)


29. October 2018 born Sheikh and Pandora kittens.


Yago Ronin  


Royal Jumerah (Available)




Royal Elisieé   (Available) Apb/Apb girl


Reshmi Mau 

19. October 2018 born Berry and Zhenia kittens.



Qujo  (Available)



Yago Quenn Amon  

23. August 2018 born Tusara and Hanga kittens.



Pasha  (Available)


Yago Perseo



Yagobengals Penelope (Keeper)

21.July 2018 born Berry and Te fiti kittens.



 Nobu Imperial  (Available) Melanistic boy


Yagobengals NayLey  



14.July 2018 born Berry and Sky kittens.



Yago Mardi Gras  (Available as pet)


Yagobengals Minhee Tiara 

14. Apryl 2018 born Angel and Pandora kittens.






Yago Lewisham  




Yago Lótusz 

13. Apryl 2018 born Berry and Khalifa son.

Kardamom Phnom  

 04.January 2018 born Berry and Zhenia kittens



Yago Isabelle


Yagobengals Icebreaker 



Yago Izabella

05.12.2017 born Berry and Sky kittens

Yagobengals Hera


Yagobengals Havanna Moonshine


02.12.2017 born Czar and Hanga kittens.


Yago Gabriela Wendy  

Yagobengals Garbo

Yago Gatsby

Yago Gróf

29. June 2017 born Czar and Pandora kittens




Yagobengals Fleur  (Only to breeding)






10. of April born Czar and Zhenia babys


Yagobengals Te Fiti (Stay our cattery)


Yagobengals Kissy Lip



Yago Caesar

Yago Oliver 



Yago Attila


Yagobengals Osiris 



 9. of April born Berry and Hanga babys.

Yago Panamera and Yago Marshberry

December 2016 born berry and Sky kittens.


Yagobengals Neytiri


Yago Brasili Natal