We started our pets breeding January of 2015, which primary activities the bengal cat, along we do breed chameleons, stringrays, snakes and many other exotic animals to.

Our first bengal cat has Yago(Jungle Dream Coco Moco), who is the cattery named after him. She is a lovely, neutered girl, very shy but since when she live with in our family, grandually and slowly she became friendly and broad of my family. We want her assure comfortable and so happy life.

Our cats live live with us, like family members, so we are intimate relationship. We try give to theys of everyting satisfy all needs, that they are happy and balanced cats be always. We try do environment to cats, like they are pleasure and be  happy , important to us the cats socializing, many stimulus give to the cats, what if they get used to, sure there will not be problems later, at the integration.

In our cattery living different animals together, and they living between childrens, therefore the hygiene and the medical controll very important to us.